Surfing with SUN Cellular…

Yesterday 8:19am, I was notified that I successfully loaded FB50 valid for 7 days by SUN Cellular Mobile Internet; and was texted to just visit

It’s been 30h since and I have not been able to access what I paid for.¬†Instead, what happens is that.. after typing, SUN directs me to its web page – SUN Wap. Try it again, it just goes circles.

Worse, FB Zero as well as Twitter Mobile has also been inaccessible.

I noticed that these things happened when i100 was loaded several days ago, which incidentally gave some problems as well. I could not use SUN’s mobile internet on its first and last days of subscription. Oh boy!

For one, I think SUN Cellular’s system got mixed up and could not handle different purchases (though on different occasions) by a single user.


Now, SUN’s sim card is practically useless (except for its free texts that accompanied the i100 & FB50 loads).. well, maybe until i100 is loaded again.

Oh, what the heck?!

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