Did you bring…

…your toothbrush? Oh, no need? Well, we are all travelers in this world, and in our travels… we interact; and of course, we eat.

Hey, was there a time when someone you met smelled that you had to sort of turn while conversing? That would not be cool, right? For either of you. But it could happen, even unknowingly. And even between friends, it would be embarrassing; and unless it’s your family then they’d be forgiving.

Always include one in your bag ...
Always include one in your bag…

But what if you had that dirt in your teeth while talking with a client, or with a romantic prospect?

Uh oh, that would spell trouble. It would mean point deduction on your part, worse, a wasted chance.

See, perfume or sprays help… but it won’t hurt to carry a travelers’ toothbrush kit with you. It doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it have to be a popular brand – what’s important is that it does its job of cleaning, freshening and maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Anyway, the battle is just between you and your teeth facing the mirror – well, in most cases at least… and while you still want that infectious smile.

Yet for whatever brand you’d prefer – just make sure you use it – you don’t want to lose that tooth, right? Well, off to the dentist now… See yah!


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