Inside the bus ...
Inside the bus…

Just had a long, out-of-town ride the other day. It’s been a while since I commuted, and on this route … and so I noticed, many buses now are offering Wi-Fi inside their buses to attract more passengers. In fact, many more bus lines are following suit.

Ah, now we could do work while going several miles an hour. Great!

Oh no! But looking at the window just makes some dizzy, and worse, the bus freshener makes the condition even sickening. Well, not that the freshener stinks, of course not; but the mix of odor and that apple scent makes one experience nausea. Too bad.

While many operators may be focused on using technology to their advantage, most have forgotten that comfort is a key determinant to retaining customers, or passengers for that matter. Yes, of course, safety and the right speed are a given as well.

So, how about changing that fragrance? Make it counter or blend with different odors in a pleasant way. Maybe it would help.

More so, how about adding a first aid kit to buses? Like an ointment or tablet to take when especially before feeling dizzy.

Good service only takes focus.


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