Frequent Flyer

Inside a plane ...
Inside a plane…

I could say I’m sort of a frequent flyer as I’m in the sky.. monthly.

Well, we all know of these air miles and other promotions by the aviation industry which makes frequent flyers more in tune with their preferred carriers, yes especially from large and known airlines – whether domestic or in international routes.

But what about budget planes? Inside these planes, oh – you’d still have to buy food and drinks, and souvenir items if you wish which is to a certain extent understandable because of its lower price. Still, with growing competition from other airlines and transportation sources – isn’t there any other promotion but price.. and place?

Certainly, these low cost carriers really pack them up especially in places where travelling by ship costs just about the price of a budget plane ticket. So, travelling by plane is absolutely a relief.. yup, even though we see a notable number of air accidents recently.

Okay, if price is the only thing here.. then how about having that frequent flyer program for budget planes in place as well?

Or say, an even lower plane ticket for the next flight? Ah, that’s easy and already happening in some airlines. Then how about gradually lowering one’s plane ticket on flights within 30 days, 60 days and so on? Develop a range and a budget flyer card – after all, since budget planes is all about price — then drop it even more.

The thing with these airlines nowadays is that, they have this really low priced tickets — both for domestic and international routes — but you need to book several months or even a year ahead just to avail them. Whew! Who knows what could happen then? Sudden change of schedules. Illness. Emergencies. To say the least, such a promo is like a little short of swindling. Too bad.

Want to be above competition? Want to serve more passengers? Get a little more creative. Right.


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