Unusual Freebie

Just picked up a mag ...
Just picked up a mag…

In one of my recent travels, I bought a renown business magazine at an airport bookstore.

And what have you? I was given a sachet of detergent powder for free. Well, giving out freebies to buying customers is not unusual but the kind of freebie that was handed out to “bookstore” customers was something. I mean — books and detergent. Do they mix?

If I were in a clothing store and bought an item over there then that would be understandable — it’s linked. Eventually, you would need to wash your clothes, right? But books? Oh well, it simply brought out a smile in me.. and in most of the customers who were lined up then at the cashier.

Yes of course, as customers, we’d be happy to get freebies of value — and certainly, a sachet of detergent powder is useful… though the detergent’s scent really stuck to my magazine. I mean, it took several days to wear off. Wow!

Anyway, but for the business partners involved — wouldn’t that sort of affect the bookstore’s image? Okay, people would still flock the bookstore especially where there’s no competition (and no real problem with customers in terms of such freebies)… but if a business wants to solidify and really raise its brand, they’d better watch whom they partner with particularly when it involves giveaways. It’s a respected bookstore after all.


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