Go the…

Go the extra mile…

Ever since this phrase came out — we hear it almost everyday and everywhere — that sometimes we, customers, think of it as a sly promo — or something that is insincere. Companies can’t blame us, right? After all, it’s like they’re trying to bribe us in some way. Hah!

See. Since most all organizations try to practice this mantra — we almost don’t notice any difference among them. Do you?

So, what’s really in this phrase anyway?

For consumers, all it means are add ons. Thus, there you go — just freebies. Whoever gives the nicest freebie is the Best one. Boy! Bribing indeed. Wonder how many companies could keep up with this then? Can you just imagine?

Now, if only organizations could successfully make the customer truly “experience that extra mile” — consumers would realize that certainly there is more to like about them than just freebies.


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