Wine… Anyone?

At the end of the day, it’s certainly good to take even a shot of your favorite wine. All those stress and pressures at work bottled up — and now ready to be poured, and consumed. Yes!

Oh besides, bet you know about the health benefits of wine intake, huh? Good for the heart, a powerful antioxidant and all those stuff. So, it even adds more to that pleasure of taking a shot.

And the best wine is ...
And the Best wine is…

But wait. I didn’t say get washed up everyday — how about work, or school? Discipline is key here. Don’t get drunk unless it’s a weekend.

Really, don’t just be in a hurry to gulp. More so, while there are advantages in having a drink — you also got to be cautious in filling your belly. Just like exercising — don’t push it too hard if you have not sweat it out for awhile. Take it nice and easy… and work your way up gradually until you get the load that suits you.

And if you don’t really drink — better stay still. Otherwise, just have a sip for starters. This makes it more important to understand a wine’s content and your body’s limits. Right, not to take out all the fun but we do have limits — so, choose your wine well.

Fortunately, and many times, your palate just knows the Best wine for you…



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