Does the fast need to get faster?

Does the fast need to get faster?

The fast is getter faster – that’s what happening to many of man’s creations nowadays. And in this news, we’re talking about “trains.”

hyperloop-sketch-horizontal-galleryJust a day ago, Elon Musk, the celebrated Founder of SpaceX, Tesla and PayPal introduced the Hyperloop transportation system – the fastest train yet. Really.

Hyperloop travels at almost 700 mph, more than doubling the speed of the current fastest train Shanghai Maglev Train which stands at 311 mph. Hyperloop is designed like a vacuum and that its passengers are seated in an inclined position for speed and comfortability reasons.

Still, the question is — does the fast need to get faster?

Take the Concorde for example. If we really needed faster planes, the Concorde should have survived. For whatever reason it was phased out — whether funding, passenger issues, maintenance costs or what — the entities involved should have tried to tweek things to continue with the innovation.. and inevitably produce even faster and safer planes.

Now, cars are different since your “feet” are touching the ground. Besides, very fast cars are not really used or maximized in the metropolis; otherwise, imagine the road accidents we’d have?

In case of trains, you maybe comfortably seated inside the hybrid train but what about your “soul”? I mean, doesn’t anxious thoughts come in to your mind? After all, although trains nowadays are technologically advanced, you’re still on rail tracks.

So, speed may be fun and duely considered in transportation; but safety should always be a primary consideration. And we’re sure engineers and investors have certainly thought about it — now, it’s a matter of passing on that “thought” to consumers. Not to mention the ticket price.


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