Flying with some “history”…

Talking about an unpleasant experience, well, it always makes one uncomfortable. Yet many times, it’d be better to let it out — and so find peace and eventually, a solution. So try it, and start talking..

At the NAIA tarmac ...
At the NAIA tarmac…

Well in my case, and perhaps for many others as well.. Cebu Pacific Air, unfortunately, has a “not so good” history what with some notable accidents and “constant delays”, then again — it’s a wonder as many still fly with them — yup, I occasionally do, and every time I just get delayed.

Isn’t there any other airline? Of course, there is. But I guess, there’s at least two obvious reasons why we still fly with Cebu Pacific. One, flight schedules. Sometimes, the only available schedule (at the time of booking) that one could manage with is with.. Cebu Pacific. Two, seat availability. I mean, if other airlines have your desired schedule but is fully booked — where else would you fly?

And so, this brings us to a third reason — the choice between two evils. Naah, don’t take me out of context but what I mean is that — you simply have to pick the “not so good” rather than the “bad” one, right? And I’m not trying to stain any of them — it’s just experience.

But wait. Don’t think that there’re only a couple of low-cost carriers to choose from, of course not. And besides, there are good ones too, if you’re lucky enough to get a seat that is; so, just think of the above reasons then — and that’s the way it is.

In the end, when accidents and delays are significantly reduced — one thing Cebu Pacific should fix is their “impossible” promos. Consider the promo date. Hey, you got to give more choices; its flight schedule can’t be too far from the date one acquires the ticket — for this is like you’re just committing your patrons for nothing.

This is when “sincerity in customer service” would count a lot. It’s when you really try to address their needs rather than your profits.


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