Do you give tips?

Do you give tips?

I mean, after dining in a restaurant, do you? Because there is this growing trend that restaurants has been discouraging customers from tipping – that they have even increased menu prices to cover the waitstaff’s salaries for that matter.

Their contention: So waiters could focus on serving customers better rather than thinking of customers leaving already.

Restaurant-bill-and-tip-001As a customer, well, it doesn’t really matter if restaurants dissuade tipping or not – it’s my choice anyway, whether I cough out money or not. Besides, if they don’t serve well then there’re other restaurants I could go to. And if a certain restaurant is priced too high, well, there are other restaurants to choose from as well.

Yet for restos themselves, real meticulous customers could view this “no tipping policy” as an internal problem. Like such restaurants may actually have a “weak” service culture to the extent that they even have to inhibit tipping. Hmm…

How about putting off the ritual of rating a server instead? This way you’d remove the end-of-meal stress from customers. If restos worry of not being able to monitor their service without such rating then they better get creative and inspiring.


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