Eating at a bus terminal

While roaming around a bus terminal, I noticed a renown doughnut shop — Dunkin’ Donuts — pitting against ordinary vendors.

Where would you buy food?
So, where would you buy food?

Well, what have you? Neither is giving an inch.

You got both store and vendors trying to reach out to waiting customers by walking around and offering their products. Actually, I was “surprised” to see Dunkin’ do this since they could be hurting their brand with such audacity. But then if they don’t — they’d be doomed. Thence, more often than not both sellers get their fair share. For one, both have different appeals to buyers you know.

In this kind of place, if only for self-consumption, the vendor would win customers most of the time. They got drinks, chips, candies and sandwiches. On the other hand, Dunkin’ got donuts and drinks. Both could fill you but with an obvious disparity in price and of course, quantity. As far as cleanliness is concerned — that’s out of the question. They’re good to go.

Nonetheless, Dunkin’ does fight toe-to-toe when it comes to “take-outs” or should we say “gifts” for the people waiting at the passengers’ destination. Dunkin’ is an upgrade to the quality of “dole-outs” compared to that of vendors, thus the receiver could be more appreciative. Obviously.

Yet unfortunately I guess, sooner-or-later Dunkin’ Donuts would lose this “terminal” battle. Why? They have to pay rent and salaries while ordinary vendors operate on their own plus their rent is lesser compared to an established entity. So, one day, expenses would catch up and if Dunkin’ don’t get real creative as in now – they’d soon close shop.


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