Flying “hotel”, heard of it?

Flying “hotel”, heard of it?

A319 on the outside ...
A319 on the outside…

Well, this news has been reported almost 3 weeks ago – Emirates has transformed it’s A319 commercial plane into a private jet. Yet most everybody loves flying so in case you have missed it, here are some details.. and of course, that consumer’s perspective.

The type of aircraft, as I just mentioned, is an A319 plane; it’s capable of seating 124 passengers, however, since it was converted – it’s now only good for 19 indulging individuals. The plane’s sections, there are actually 2: the lounge area and the relaxing area which holds 10 private suites. Wow!

As far as features and amenities are concerned – well, it’s like you are in a “flying hotel.” Really! And that speaks of having just about everything that you’d wish for except, of course, a 50-meter pool.

A319 on the inside ...
A319 on the inside …

Still, the nice thing about luxury planes is that — you could really use it to the hilt. I mean, you could really enjoy all its niceties — just like in a luxury ship, you know.

Then again, the only problem with planes is that — it gets you to your destination fast. So, this means, you only got less than a day to enjoy your flight. If you say you’re in a business trip then why not just take the business class accommodation of a regular plane? If you want real privacy; well, planes would get you to your destination fast, remember? Patience is what brought you riches, patience is what would bring you to point X.

In the end, it would simply boil down to having cellphone and wifi access for business travelers.. as well as all the in-flight “pampering” that all of us would love and which is what the Emirates A319 has.

Anyway, we know that only those with lots of “extra” cash and those who are sponsored could afford taking such a plane. But having something of this luxury featured in our site could encourage you to work harder in achieving the financial success that you deserve, so..

Aim high! Fly high!


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