Consumers resen…

Consumers resent it when a company presumes to judge the quality of its products on their behalf. – Andrew S. Grove

Well said. We could actually notice this assumption in many advertisements, slogans, and promos of companies speaking as if consumers wholly approve of their products or services.

Yet why do organizations still do this?

Obviously, to influence your spending behavior. And if you just listen to “everything” they’re saying then you might just end up buying the wrong products, or perhaps using mediocre services.


Companies should really put themselves in the shoes of customers. See, as a customer, do you want to be forced (even subtly) to believe, more so, patronize whatever product given? This is like being forced to eat something you don’t like. Hey, you could end up choking!

Seller sensitivity shows respect to buyers. “Presuming or forcing” crosses free will. And here, it’s good to know that Grove understood what most consumers actually felt. After all, he is one.


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