Can’t hold it any longer?

Many would sort of ‘ignore’ comfort rooms because, well, you know its use. Yet do you know that the “soul” of an entity could be seen through their toilet? Whether as a house owner or a commercial establishment that is. Really.

Power saving: Is it still OK if the lights were off?
Power saving: Is it still OK if the lights were off??

And because of this seemingly “lack of awareness”, many would even find it unappealing to photograph toilets — unless you are looking for some home improvement.

Well, that’s it! Home improvement!

Notice rich people? Their toilets or baths are already luxurious “rooms” to many ordinary people. Such extravagance only tells that the owner is indeed “rich”.. and some, even “classy.” Not bad, for what will you do with money? Given that you’ve helped the needy.

In the same way, if you as a restaurant owner treat your toilets highly – don’t you think customers would have that “extra initiative” to dine-in whenever they could? Well, no matter how good your food is if your toilet is not as good — don’t you think the customer would think twice next time around? Unless consumers don’t see the link between “toilet, sanitation, and food”, you know.

Germs spreads fast just like news… especially “bad news.”


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