Serving the cus…

Serving the customer is not a mechanical act but one that provides an opportunity for fulfillment and meaning. – Michael Hammer

Here’s a good example – a recent consumer experience.

A couple of days ago, the blog “Calling WordPress…” was posted — and it’s not for promotional sake nor is it to create friction (we’re supposed to be partners) — but because there’s really a “mystery.” You could check out the August 29 blog to understand it yourself.

So, what does this have to do with Hammer’s quote?

In this case, Consumer Live is the customer while WordPress is the service provider.

First, what is the business objective of WordPress? “To serve as a platform for bloggers” would be one of them. Now, Consumer Live (one of its clients) is seeking answers to the said “ad infiltration” yet it can’t find a way to contact WordPress – so the blog of August 29.

But to this date, WordPress has not acted on it — so, how could WordPress take advantage on “an opportunity for fulfillment and meaning”? Is WordPress unaware of the blog’s concerns? Don’t they have blog monitors? It’s impossible, right? So, what happened to customer service?

Has administering a platform become monotonous and boring that it made them turn “mechanical”? If even bloggers couldn’t give inputs then has the platform become “discriminating”? Well.. just wondering.

If companies, whether offering products or services, could sincerely serve their customers – their growth would not simply be because of a trend but because of an attachment. In other words, “customer loyalty.” New ones may come but they’d still stick around.

Now that’s “real” fulfillment!


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