WordPress’ “About These Ads”…

Noticed the little “About These Ads” with the regular ad photos on the blog post “Serving the cus…”; and obviously, it was a way for WordPress to communicate to the readers — so I clicked on it and found “reasons” why one sees ads from his site.


Well actually, we understand about the “No Ads upgrade” thing, even before the Consumer Live site was purchased. Such ads or the ones as WordPress says that they sparingly show is not the question. These are those little ads with photos, right?

The ones Consumer Live is referring to are the “URL ads” and alike that seem to have penetrated the blog when you try to add tags on a new post. To better understand, kindly check the said blogs by “trying to search them from the search box” or when the theme is changed (which is what Consumer Live experienced while setting up the site). Notice what’s displayed after the search? URLs.

At any rate, the good thing here is that there is this email support@wordpress.com that we could all actually contact for inquiries and complaints. Though still, the better thing would be to make this email more visible — as in just about everywhere. Now, that’s proactive customer service.


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