Social media now on your wrist …

Social media now on your wrist …

While some analysts says the Samsung smartwatch is no game changer, what’s more important is what consumers would say — right? Not what some small group of people who are mostly paid to say what manufacturers’ would want them to say.

So, what are this smartwatch’s attributes anyway?

Basically, the basic functions it’s supposed to do. This includes the ability to receive incoming calls, e-mails, and tweets. It’s also said to be equipped with a 4-megapixel camera, speakers, voice controls, Wi-Fi capabilities along with health-related features like heart-rate, workout, and diet monitoring. Besides that, it could also connect with Samsung Galaxy S phones and tablets, obviously.

smartwatch makes calls

However, for consumers, an obvious issue here is not really the size of the watch (look at the photo) but the need for one to still connect with a Samsung smartphone to be able to access its full functions.

In some way, this is like holding one captive. Hmm…

Then again, another feature that Samsung should consider is the smartwatch’s real storage or memory capacity; and of course, while it could make calls — could it send and receive text messages? It’s just too small then, right? One more thing, what about music? Possible.. but beware of overusing it. The watch’s battery should really be capable of 10h of heavy use then, regardless, if it’s said to be good for a day. And TV? Now that would be real small — forget it.

As for simplicity, do you mean lesser features to make it easier to use? Well, simplicity is more than just ‘features’ but about being ‘user-friendly’ — just like what softwares and computers suggests.

Here’s the catch for manufacturers.

If you can’t combine a watch, a phone and some functions of a computer into a smartwatch – then what’s the use of a smartwatch? Complimenting the phone? I’d rather buy a nice, real watch instead and a good smartphone to go with it — after all, a watch is really just for telling time in the first place.

For now, let’s just enjoy Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.


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