Consumer Photos 15

Male or female, young and old alike — people likes playing; whether horse playing, board games, actual sports, video games, pin balls, or in today’s times, mobile games. No doubt, we need entertainment — then, now — and always.

What "boys" play ...
What “boys” do play with…

Depending on the floor area, similar gaming machines should be limited to 3 or 5; otherwise, the gaming center becomes kinda boring. Got what I mean? There’s no choices then. You know, centers should be updated on what’s “in”. Variety is key.

What "girls" play ...
What “girls” mostly play with…

Also, sometimes the arrangement of these machines has something to do with appeal. In short, fix the gaming center’s “interior design.” Just don’t forget the sounds and lighting — it unconsciously sets the mood of gamers. Hah!


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