A cheaper iPhone?

A cheaper iPhone?

Well, almost 2 weeks ago, there was this news that Apple was to produce its iPhone 5C with a plastic back – resulting in about a $17 cut on its manufacturing cost per item.


Sounds good? Not actually. Because this drop is only good for Apple – not for potential buyers. It’s Apple who saves not the consumer.

Wow, then why buy it? Because it’s Apple? But, but wouldn’t it be unfair to consumers? If Apple found a way to cut its manufacturing costs – why not do the same for its customers? Consumers are absolutely looking to save as well. If consumers looks at this as a “one-way” scenario between Apple and themselves — we could eventually see a sales drop outpacing “curiosity.”

Then again, today, September 10 — Apple is to launch its highly anticipated iPhone 5S and now lower-priced 5C’s for patrons to enjoy.. and so, let’s see.


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