Consumer Photos 17

We all like eating, that’s even basic – so, do you like, or have you ever had a hand on cooking? And so..

Ladles and more
Ladles and more

Which do you prefer when cooking – “metal-like” ladles, non-stick plastics, or wooden ladles? With the first one, there is this risk of scraping some of the ladle’s “minerals” to the food. On the other hand with non-sticks, hmm… have you ever thought of the possibility of “chemicals” melting in some way as you cook? So obviously, the wooden ones would make the safer choice – so long as it’s pure wood.

Do you use these?
Do you use these?

Chopping boards are certainly a necessity in kitchens, but “bolos”? Well, if you don’t have a big, tough cleaver to chop your meat – bolos could suffice especially for real large chunks of meat and bone.


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