Trading in or going small?

Trading in or going small?

With the iPhone 5S and 5C basically out – have you already thought of trading? Well, the race is on now from $50 to as high as $450.

iphone-cash-money-subsidy-e1332800637842And there are several WHEREs that you could trade-in your old iPhone – from to Nextworth to Best Buy to Radio Shack to Wal-mart to GameStop and more.

Certainly, we all look for the best possible deal. Yes, the most money we could get – but other than that, have you also considered buying a smartwatch instead of a smartphone? Hey, it could do many things a smartphone could do – from social media to calling and of course, telling time. If you just want games, why not a tablet or an iPhablet? Or even your old iPhone will do. See, saving is also a good deal.


Then again, if the world is moving towards wearables as the trend is showing – then smartwatches should be a better choice than smartphones – after all, more than just taking in credits for trade-ins, you got the money to upgrade. Know what I mean?

In all this, it’s still your choice.. and it all really depends on your “actual” needs. So.. think well. Choose well.


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