If you love you…

If you love your customer to death, you can’t go wrong. – Graham Day

Aww! Mind you, this love is not about “bribes.” Bribing per se has a negative connotation, you know.. And a negative effect at that.

Imagine if you got a child, and you just give him everything his heart desires.. what would he learn about the world? How prepared would he be with the trials or turmoils that could beset his life? What then would he value in the end?

Same goes with customers. If you just give them all the “freebies” and things like that – what then makes your product or service of value? See, there’s a limit to these things.

But if you love your customer to death – as in always giving them great customer service – only positivity would flow in your conduits. Result? More satisfied customers. More business.


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