Fire in the engine!?

Fire in the engine!?

Not even a day ago, a Philippine Airlines flight from Davao saw its right engine explode just after takeoff. Ahh! Must be scary for those passengers in the plane. Again, what is it this time? Well anyway, we’re still waiting for some press release as of the moment. But to say the least, fortunately, none of the crew or 30 passengers got hurt and were then billeted in a local Davao hotel.


Incidentally, I overheard CNN’s report of aviation authorities’ suggesting that pilots simply focus on “manual operations.” Perhaps it’s about time that pilots do so. While automation made air travel safer, automation has now started to make air travel a worrisome experience. Maybe pilots have just become too complacent that they sort of overlook things at the cockpit. Ooh! Trouble. Trouble.

Yet again, if this is the case, how about checking on the airlines’ ground crews as well? Are they really “awake” when going to work? Or are they even qualified in the first place?

As for PAL, this is another blow to the airline company. With their acronym jokingly referred to as “Plane Always Late” – this time, it could be “Passengers Always Lightheaded.”

Watch out! And better step up.


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