This time a driver’s smartwatch

This time a driver’s smartwatch

Smartwatches have been sprouting everywhere, and now even car makers have joined the fray as Nissan has come up with Nismo.

nissan smart watch

So as a consumer, what would you think of a driver’s smartwatch? How could it exactly help the driver? Is it a necessity to have one?

From the “origin” alone, we’d think that it’s certainly not among the basics but a luxury. But then, if not only for the possibility of wearing more than one watch, that’d be good. Anyway, for starters, Nismo is said to monitor the performance of the car and the driver as well.

Hmm… so, could this smartwatch sense if the driver is intoxicated? Or if he is sleepy, or already asleep on the handle? Could this watch warn the driver of a speeding vehicle on the opposite lane and in a tight curve at that? Could it tell the driver where to park? Or if the car needs oiling, fueling, change of tires, or a check-up?

Connectivity could solve some of these but if the driver’s status could be addressed then that would be really helpful – and so truly becoming a real “driving” necessity.


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