Curved display smartphone this October

Curved display smartphone this October

After recently launching its smartwatch – this October, Samsung is on the threshold of introducing a “curved display” smartphone.


This smartphone display is said to be made of plastic material which is shatterproof; and being flexible, it also has a substantially thinner display – allowing more room for extra memory and other pieces.

So, what can we consumers say?

Well, guess they should also consider improving their waterproof feature; say, it could handle a depth of 100 meters. You know, in case of accidents or drunkeness (?) or something like that. It’s a necessity, what if, God forbid, you end up floating at sea.

Accordingly, just like regular watches, such a feature is long and coming since mobile phones came up. Though come to think about it, it looks like such upgrades are unknowingly competing against smartwatches. Yup, we’re already into wearables. Consequently, if there’s any innovation left in smartphones it should then be on its durability and applications. Appearance? After those are addressed.

Then again, this is just an introduction to the “curved display” and not mass production as costs are still relatively high to get into such. Hence, better do something fast to get a step ahead.


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