Apple is the MVB

Apple is the MVB

Well, what do you know? Apple has overtaken Coca-Cola in the rankings – after having a tug-of-war with Samsung on being the world’s most valuable brand. No, we’re not questioning Apple’s position, certainly not. It’s a quality brand. Just curious.


Incidentally, Coca-Cola who was number 1 last year dropped to number 3 this year; while Apple who was number 2 last year, is now number 1, Google is second.

What’s interesting in these rankings is the metrics that was used, like financial performance. If it means revenue, then certainly the more expensive (yet necessary) product would come out on top. This then makes it a bit questionable. How many units were sold anyway? Right, we should speak in terms of units sold and a “cut off” amount for ranking inclusion.

Let’s say, after tabulation a car brand costing no lower than $100k sold 100 units. Then a pen priced at $5 each sold 1.8 million pieces. Who gets the “best brand” title? The car which raked in $10 million, or the pen at $9 million? The car?? It only sold 100 units! So, it must be the pen! Besides, the pen made the “cut off” in terms of revenue… as say qualification for ranking should be sales of no lower than $8 million. With this, $9 million made the “cut off” and it’s not too far off from $10 million. So..

Criterias should be clarified.


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