Consumer Photos 23

Fans and coolers
Fans and coolers

Consider the unpredictable weather, the warm regions, the “not so moneyed” people – fans and coolers still has a market, and huge one at that. Now, more than price, it’s all a matter of design. For households, plastic blades are still the preferred choice… for one, could you imagine if you or your visitors got kids and tried to insert their fingers or play with the fan? So, plastic makes you worry less.

Air conditioners

This is a must in many businesses – air conditioners. And not only for customers but employees as well, just striking what “bodily comfort” can bring human beings, huh? Thus, some establishments even have their own technicians for this.

To consumers, aircons are normally thought of as being stuck on walls so appearance wouldn’t really matter much as compared to being noise-free and “drip-free.”


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