Safe Malling…

With the recent “terrorist attacks” at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya — would you still go malling?

Well, certainly. Malling has become an integral part of modern life that no bombing news would deter consumers from excluding it from their lifestyle – unless it happened in their vicinity, of course. If such is the case, people would simply wait until the smoke has cleared, until security is once again in control.

But then again, malls and authorities should not take it easy knowing that this is the mentality of consumers. By all means, no. Malls owe it to consumer patronage that they are flourishing. Government needs to ensure a safe society. These entities should collaborate in making leisure less worrisome but instead pleasurable.

Malls, simply part of modern life
Malls, simply part of modern life

CCTV. Body checks. Terrorists already knows these, hence, they are prepared for it. To stop terrorists, think like a terrorist. Like what would you do if you were a terrorist yourself? Prepare for eventualities. Swiftness is key.

As for the public, don’t be too lax when going out, understand the “times” we are in. Be alert of suspicious characters. They don’t have to wear eye-catching clothes for you to know one. Shifty eye movement, rushing, purposeful steps, carrying of hand bags or backpacks – the presence of these factors is a dubious sign, so beware!


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