Screen protector..??

See that "film strip"? That's the screen protector ...
See that “film strip”? That’s the screen protector…

Now the question of the day is… is a screen protector really needed? Yes? No? What?

Well, we could agree that while screen protectors are not a necessity, having one could help in protecting from scratches or for other unwarranted ‘harm’. Of course, you would not intentionally try to destroy your phone but accidents do happen – like, it being scratched by your keys while unknowingly putting your phone in your pocket, you know.

This is like owning a car. Would you deliberately bump another car or even a fire hydrant? Of course not. But again, accidents do happen. Thence, more than just being an alert driver, it is a must to have your car insured. Actually, do you know of any car owner who has not insured his vehicle? So, see?

Still, it would boil down to money. Other than protect the screen from scratches, what else can it do? Yes, screen protectors are not really expensive but can they really contribute to durability? Like, if it drops while being chased by a killer, could the phone still be used to call for help (just because of the screen protector)? Otherwise, compared to car insurance, it’s not a must but simply a luxury to have one.


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