Into spying?

Into spying?

There’s this news that I find a bit amusing, try clicking the link and you’ll see.


Well, what’s makes it so is that it tells you how to turn your iPhone 5S into a spy camera. Exactly, that’s part of the article’s title. Now, how, how did it become amusing? Hmm… think. Lumia. Galaxy. Xperia. Droid DNA. Aren’t these smartphones with great cameras as well? Aren’t they capable of linking to PCs, connecting to Wi-Fis and stuff like that?

So, if that’s the case, what’s the news really all about? Promotion?

Okay, yes, iPhone 5S is a quality smartphone – but others are making their own niche as well. It’s now a matter of appearance, durability, affordability, applications and most of all… about trying not to be a ‘copy cat’. Apple is a good brand. All it needs to do is focus on Innovation.

Lead to truly lead.


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