Gaming Review: Boggle

How many of you likes “word” games?boggle2

Well, with the slide of EA in its NBA Live series, Boggle is certainly a welcome development for the gaming company – what with the shift to mobile computing.

Boggle is a 4×4 “form-as-many-words” game that is played by linking letters beside each other and without jumping or skipping away from the last connected letter. It is played with a timer of 3 minutes in special modes you can choose from. 

boggle-android-phone-screen01_656x369Hmm… by the way, are you familiar with “Word Factory”? Yes? Guess, it is where such gaming idea came from, huh? Still, the one thing that makes Boggle more appealing compared to its rivals is its graphics – from its color combination to its 3D graphic design.

Hey, since games involve our “eyes”, its graphics should be attractive… and with this, Boggle certainly got it. Not to mention that it’s a good “brain trainer” as well.


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