Footwear Review: Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor. This is a “classic” if there’s such a term for footwear, particularly for sports or casual shoes. Time passes, styles change, brands come and go.. but Chuck Taylor? It has weathered all revolutions in fashion.

Chucks Low
Chucks Low

Yes, we used to see these shoes on basketball players. Well, actually, until now there are those who still wears it when playing. And why not? It’s light when you run and sticky when you apply the brakes. Yeah, you don’t easily slip with it.. although your ankles need some “wrapping” to prevent injuries (high or low cut) since what covers your foot is basically cloth-like.

True, competition has somewhat phased it out of the basketball court but still, what makes it really cool is its “flexibility.”

From the court, it is now used more for strolling or going to school, and even in beaches – wherever, unless it’s a formal outing. And sure, it comes in different colors… and designs, of course, built on the same “shoe frame.”

Chuck Taylor All-Star collections
Chuck Taylor All-Star collections

Chuck Taylor was introduced in 1917, and back then it was still known as the “All Star”; and it was not until 1923 when Converse incorporated Chuck Taylor (a basketball player, also a salesman) on to its patch.

Ah, it’s been a while… but instead of fading away, it’s even been emulated. Wow!


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