VIDEO: Clash of Clans

Today’s feature, Clash of Clans is actually an online game but aside from its cute warriors and great graphics, there’s something else worth mentioning about this game…

…its video for its TV commercial, “Clash of Clans: You and This Army.”

Not bad. With its rich graphics, viewers would definitely be curious about the game. Hey, on YouTube alone, it has captured almost 17M views – that’s a feat, a sign that the game and sponsors would really do well.

Now okay, it’s a nice game but how many have already developed such? Building villages, fortresses or bases? About wars, strategies, defending and all? Everything is just about the same, right? Just different names and graphics, and in some instances, features.

Yea, the game’s real excitement would be on its levels, on “what’s next?” … and that is where the battle for “gamers” or users is. In the end, all about “battling boredom.”

How about having an offline Clash of Clans option as well? With this, one does not have to look for wifi connections just to play the game. Obviously, when news spreads, it would be quite an experience for the user and a good promotion for the developer…

…regardless of having a TV commercial.


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