Weekend Specials: Zumba

Almost any form of physical activity… is Exercise.

No. We do not have to wear an outfit or be in a monotonous movement just to say that we’re in a program to keep fit or sexy. Sometimes all you need to do is exert some effort (regularly).. just pick your spots, and there you go.

Certainly, we know the value of physical activity, this is why we even talk about it and try to find time for such. But many times, this “exercise” thing starts with so much enthusiasm only to lose life in a month’s time.


To many, sustaining such activity is tough – especially when you are alone. And so, joining groups or clubs if not pulling a friend to join you in parks or within your village’s vicinity would greatly help. It becomes much more endurable – and fun. Just choose your activity well.

Truly, we think with our head, but we need a healthy body to execute..

..to accomplish, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Hmm… now try Zumba!


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