Innovation Watch: Hover Bike

What is a “hover bike”? Many says it’s the bike of the future.

‘Cause basically, it’s a bike that could fly. Yes, fly. And it’s all because of those ducted fans that help you float to a maximum of 15 feet. Really? Just 15 feet? Ah, anyway, this is something you could imagine in a Star Wars movie so to speak. Of course, with the advancement that Aerofex has put in its efforts, you could say that it’s environment friendly – includes all those meters to track usage statistics and even assists you in flying.

Well, while others say the bike would be limited to agricultural and humanitarian uses because of the conditions Aerofex is in (which is logical) – I say, if the said maker overcomes its challenges and could offer the “hover bike” to the general public, how many do you think could actually afford it? This is like limited seats for a moon visit. Only the really rich could experience such. Oh, unless you are an astronaut, you could visit the moon on schedule. Or you sold like everything” you have.. then perhaps you could get on that “hover bike.” That’s the first issue.

The next issue would be – how “fast” are these bikes actually? 30 mph? 92 mph? 100 mph?

Hmm… if these bikes are fast as in really fast, don’t you think it could somehow be used in a negative way? Some might even think of stealing one to assist them in a crime. Hey, since just about anybody could get a gun, stealing a “hover bike” could make their “sick” dreams come true. Of course, we’re talking about mentally unstable people who just shoots anyone whenever they like it.

See, if the government is having a hard time on gun control – imagine how society could be when you pair it with a “hover bike”?!

Be careful of what you wish for.


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