Product Review: Cigarettes

Is there a cigarette that is safe for one’s health? If there is then spread the news and let’s all go try one.

The dangers of smoking...
The dangers of smoking…

As it is, regardless of the brand, cigarettes are dangerous to one’s health. Yet why do many still go on smoking? And most of all, why are governments allowing such activity to continue?

Business? Free will?

Yes, we got the that right to choose what’s best for ourselves. And many just smokes because of stress, or the enjoyment it brings. Okay then, if you like smoking then go on but remember, whatever we plant, we harvest. Still, for your sake, hope you could reflect on the photo to the left of your screen.

Understandably the contention here would be – my grandpa had been smoking for “centuries” yet he lived long and enjoyed his life. Besides, whether we smoke or not, we still die – so??

If that’s the case, think about this.. our body’s resistance vary from person to person. Some are weak, some strong, some… well, okay. If your grandpa has smoked for 50 years and lived well, he likely belonged to the stronger type. However, consider their lifestyle as well.

Back then, food was less “adulterated.” Not to mention, people before had regular physical activity compared to nowadays where many of us just slouches with our tablets. Besides, your grandpa probably breathed fresher air and had good medicare at that time.

At any rate, the fact that some of us just can not help lighting up that cigar should “inspire” scientists and manufacturers to come up with a healthier alternative, or even a substance they could add to the cigarette to lessen the health risk. And more than just requiring tobacco companies to label their packs, governments should more than support this healthier alternative drive.

Hey, while it works for some, eating candies is not enough.


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Cigarettes”

  1. Wow. Intriguing perspective. I enjoyed how you covered this matter….
    A couple of things I dont agree with but hi… thats a new viewpoint.
    I am super keen to read your following post. Are you able to make the next one more in depth?
    Thanks 🙂

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