NBA Watch: Melo and the Knicks

Carmelo Anthony is about to become a free agent this summer.. and Lala says Melo will definitely stay with the New York Knicks.


There’s actually no reason for Melo to jump ship. He’s got an almost perfect team except for its lack of “pure” shooters especially when they let go of Steve Novak.

From left: Felton. Smith. Anthony. Stoudemire. Chandler.
From left: Felton. Smith. Anthony. Stoudemire. Chandler.

Yet at least on paper, the Knicks are formidable inside with Amar’e, Kenyon, Tyson, and Melo himself.

But obviously, rumors of leaving the Knicks persists because the team just keeps losing when they are supposed to be one of the heavyweights – even a championship contender.

So, why are they losing?

One. Because of Melo himself. He always seems to hug the ball so much.. everybody just ends up watching him make or miss his shot. Pass the ball!

Two. Mike Woodson does not have an effective system but just a give-the-ball to Anthony battle cry. Mike needs to impress teamwork and ball movement not to mention consistency in defense and rebounding.

Three. Amar’e has to fully regain his game and be that inside force he once was. Once he does, the Knicks could boast of probably the strongest inside presence in the league. Get that confidence!


Four. J. R. has to maintain focus not just at both ends of the court but even off the court as well. Doing so, he’d still remain the Knicks’ “secret” weapon. Grow up!

At the end of the day, Carmelo Anthony should provide stability and not shake the boat. Be that “veteran” presence.. for if he doesn’t, he’d still lose wherever he may go.


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