Food Review: Sushi (Japanese)

Our recipe for today is Sushi, the world-renown Japanese food. Though, back in 2011, it was adjudged as the third among the world’s most delicious food – it is probably the “world’s most popular food” til now.


As we know, Sushi is usually made up of raw fish and of course, combined with its basic ingredient – the cooked vinegared rice. This vinegared rice is known as shari and sumeshi.. the secret where the amazing flavor lies.

However, it would be worthy to note that you do not just catch raw fish and eat it with rice. Healthy as it may seem, there are important attributes to consider in a fish like – smell, color, firmness, and being parasite-free to assure of its “safety.” Aside from this, mind you that what’s commonly used in Sushi are the tuna, salmon, snapper, and mackerel – of which the most valued part is the “toro” or the fatty cut of the fish.

Hmm… simple as a “fish” may sound, the Japanese are very precise in their preparation that makes a dish basically made of raw fish and rice seem complicated. Oh?!

At any rate, let’s go to its vinegared rice, and its ingredients are: white rice, water, rice vinegar, vegetable oil, white sugar and salt.

The Ingredients...
The Ingredients…

Cooking Basics

Rinse the rice until the water runs clear. Put it in a medium sauce pan along with some water til it boils – before reducing the heat to low, letting it cook for 20 minutes. Before removing it from the stove, make sure the rice is tender and the water has been absorbed. After removing, let it cool until its enough to handle.

Then get a small pan with which you are to place the “rice vinegar”, oil, salt and sugar. In medium heat, cook while stirring occasionally until the sugar dissolves before removing it from the stove to cool.

Afterwhich, mix it with the cooked rice. Though, of course, the rice would seem very wet – you just have to keep mixing until the liquid is absorbed by the rice.

Rolling a Sushi...
Rolling a Sushi…

If you wish, when the rice cools a bit, you could lay the rice, fish, and even some vegetables on the “nori” (edible black seaweed wrapper) and roll it.. before cutting it into the round slices that you know for consumption.

Sushi is packed with high protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals plus omega-3 fatty acids. Now, wonder why the Japanese seem to live forever?

Sushi.. when delicious means simple.


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