Food Review: Tom Yum Goong (Thai)

Just by the name of this dish, it already perks up curiosity.. Tom Yum Goong. Sounds like a slaughtered water buffalo made into a burger, eh?

Well, actually, it’s basically soup. This recipe from Thailand is in fact famous for its steamy soup and spicy-sour flavor which made it the fourth most delicious food in the world.

Now.. let’s get to know the basic ingredients.

Vegetable stock. Tom yum paste. Garlic. Lemongrass. Kaffir lime leaves. Fresh mushrooms. Fish sauce. Chili pepper. Coconut milk. Lime juice. Fresh cilantro. Shrimps.

The Ingredients…

Cooking Basics

Put the stock, Tom yum paste, garlic, lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves, fresh mushrooms, fish sauce, chili pepper, and coconut milk into a pot – then bring to boil. Depending on your taste preferences, adjust
the ingredients like if it’s too spicy for you, just add more coconut milk, or if you want it to be more spicy then add more Tom yum paste.

After your taste test, add the shrimps and cook for about 4 minutes, or until the shrimps are done. Then add lime juice and stir.

Finally, you’re ready for a great meal, so sprinkle your soup with fresh cilantro leaves.. and get ready to sweat!

By the way,  the lemon grass and lime leaves are just for flavoring; so, you could remove them when serving the soup if you want to.


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