Fashion Watch: New York Fashion Week with Naeem Khan

Just, just recently, the fashion world once again witnessed the New York Fashion Week.. and featuring the designs of Naeem Khan.

Naeem Khan
Naeem Khan

Well, what makes Khan special is not that he is a favorite of U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama but on where he actually gets his inspiration to create. Nonetheless, many who doesn’t truly understand fashion except for it being unique and expensive dreads the idea of mixing up in this field since they would be under discriminating eyes.

2014 Bridal Collection
2014 Bridal Collection

But “fashionistas” should know that more than price, great clothing is basically about the cut, the way it’s sewn, and not just the color and fabric used – which, for one, is critical for whatever season it should be worn.

I always felt that bridal gowns should be long and neatly cut to give a sense of purity in a woman.. and Khan’s bridal collection fits the bill.

Fall/Winter 2013-14
Fall/Winter 2013-14

Notice (above) how plain colors and “wavy” cuts get our attention? How those “Egyptian-like” outfits catches our eyes?

Spring/Summer 2014
Spring/Summer 2014

Embroideries have been used since time immemorial but what turns it into a beauty is how it’s highlighted.. from the design to where it is placed to its “thickness” per se to its color combination.

And deep “V” cuts or not, a designer’s style especially becomes striking with his choice of matching fabric.


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