Food Review: Som Tam (Thai)

So.. it’s again time for our food review, and this time we’ll delve into the 6th most delicious food in the world.. which is no other than Som Tam, Thailand’s green papaya masterpiece.

If you look at it closely, it doesn’t seem to be really cooked. Well, yes, it’s not because it’s a salad. Ah, okay, so how do you prepare it then?

First, here are the basic ingredients… green papaya, chili, peanuts, green beans, cilantro, tomatoes, garlic, fish sauce, sugar, dried shrimp, and lime juice. 


The Ingredients...

Since our featured dish is just all about mixing its fresh ingredients, make sure the papaya you get is unripe and equally green all over to assure the salad’s crunchiness.

As a reminder, you’d know if your papaya is good if it doesn’t sink when you press your thumb on it when selecting.

Now, in a mortar and pestle, crush the garlic and chilies to release their flavors. Then mix them with lime juice, fish sauce, and sugar to form your dressing.


Next, add the pounded dried shrimps, green beans, and peanuts not just as simple ingredients – but to enhance its ability to absorb more dressing.

Finally, mix the tomatoes and shredded papaya well with the other ingredients before placing them in a bowl for your enjoyment.

Oh, the cilantro? You could place ’em on top before serving.


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