Star Watch: Kevin Grow, The 76er

Have you heard of Kevin Grow, the recent signee of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers?

Well, you’ll love this kid.


Grow is actually an 18-year-old student of Bensalem High School whose basketball prowess was displayed when he subbed in a game last February 8 – scoring 14 fourth quarter points against Neshaminy.

And what’s amazing is that Grow is a lovable and determined young man despite having down syndrome. This we witnessed in the highlights of his game which saw its way from YouTube with more than 600,000 views then (over 1M now)…


…to being featured at ESPN’s SportsCenter.. and onto his way to being given a ceremonial 2-day contract with Philly. And here, his legend just grew.. from striking a conversation with four 76ers’ to having his own locker.. to attending the team’s practice session to standing side-by-side with his Philly teammates during the national anthem before their game.

Yes, Kevin Grow may not have ended as a full-fledged, long-term member of the Sixers but the inspiration he gave many was worthy of a Star.


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