Gaming Review: Pac-Man Championship Edition

While there has been requests for Nintendo to make their classic games available in Android, Namco Bandai Games has already brought to that platform an 80s classic many of us love in Pacman.. and this time naming it Pac-Man Championship Edition.


Actually, Namco has about 10 Pacman variations in Google Play; and the one that we are featuring has over 5 million downloads with some good feedbacks from gamers.

Nonetheless, with the same basic objective of eating those pellets while avoiding or eating (once you get the power pellet) ’em ghosts.. what’s noticeable in this upgrade (from joysticks to finger-sliding) by Pacman’s original designer himself, Toru Iwatani.. is not simply the waving of the screen whenever you eat a power pellet but that the maze is no longer filled with pellets that you have to finish.

Unlike the original, it’s no longer level-based but timed where eating a fruit is more than an incentive for points – but the key to “refreshing” the maze for another power pellet. That’s actually a good innovation by Iwatani.. it makes the game more exciting as you got to earn your keep.


Then again, though the Android game also comes in 6 modes, controls or navigation would be an issue. For one, if you’re especially new to the game, your finger or hand could block your vision of the maze. And this experience could go either way – challenge the gamer to master finger sliding, or simply give up in frustration.

In the end, if you like “escaping from stalkers” and getting back at them as well.. then Pacman will give you a different kind of satisfaction.


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