Innovation Nudge: NBA bigger court, 4-pt shot?

There has been recent talks in the NBA of increasing the size of the current 94 x 50 basketball court as well as adding a 4-point shot.. and, this is all because of the players’ increasing size and athleticism.

So, do you think this would be good for the sport?

Actually, this is a no-brainer. Okay, the nearest seats in the arena are too close to the court and expensive as we know.. but what does a bigger court have to do with addressing higher fees?


See.. whether the NBA adds more seats (lengthwise or what) or not, if its location is at courtside, it would still be expensive. This means the court’s size has nothing to do with the fee except add more revenue after reconstructing not just the court but the arena, too.

If the NBA really wants to serve its patrons better then why not make the seating area safer for them? Like, moving ’em one line back to lessen the fans’ chances of being rolled over by the players. Also, reduce ticket prices to anyone who watches live games and not just give discounts to regular ticket holders.

Understandably, the NBA is an entertainment business.. thus, if you reduce ticket prices, how would it earn? Well, gate receipts are nothing compared to what the league could get from sponsors, so, increase their “sponsorship” fees instead. Have no fear, with the game’s popularity, the NBA would never run out of sponsors.


Now, yes, the players are getting bigger and more athletic but have you really thought of how a bigger court could affect them?

Because of greater fatigue, players would be lucky to still play by 34.. more so at a high level. This also means more injuries because of greater strain – not just running up and down the court, but more so, in shooting 4-point shots.

Not only that.. with a bigger court, there would be lesser excitement because offensive players would be less challenged as defensive formations would be wider – meaning, more open space to penetrate or hit jumpers.

Yes, more players are athletic now but skills is what really makes one good. Yes, more players are becoming bigger nowadays but they’re still human.. and prolonging their All-Star careers equates to prolonging the NBA’s business.


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