5 Cool Things about a Beach Wedding

Yes, Stacey Keibler has just tied the knot with Jared Pobre on a beach in Mexico.. and, it certainly got everyone excited. Many actually imagining what it’s like to have a beach wedding.

Stacey Keibler & Jared Pobre

And so, here are our 5 cool things about a beach wedding..

1. Natural Beauty. Obviously, the white sand, vast ocean, the sunset, those palm trees, and cool breeze brings in a different appeal compared to what we see civilization could normally offer us. It’s simply relaxing that’s suitable to couples exchanging their heartfelt vows.


2. Simplicity. Natural beauty is simple but beyond such simplicity, the beach encourages us to set up “wedding” layouts that are not just natural but intimate and “down-to-earth”.. emphasizing what a good bond should be.

3. Privacy. Because ideal beaches are sort of isolated, the couple and their guests could feel a distinct kind of closeness to each other. Isn’t this what a “lasting” promise should promote?


4. Activities. In a non-beach wedding, a ball is what generally happens after the ceremony. But on the beach, it’s not just a ball or meals but a variety of preset activities like swimming, beach games, bonfires, boating or even fishing for everybody to enjoy.

5. Fresh Seafood. Speaking of meals and fishing, since you’re already by the sea, your bonfire food would surely include real fresh seafood.. an enjoyable combination that only a beach could afford.

Hmm… thinking of settling down now? Ah, love is no game.. patience.


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