Fashion Watch: Balenciaga Boots

It’s been 100 years since Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga started his fashion line Balenciaga.. today, the brand is especially famous for it’s motorcycle-inspired handbags called the Lariat.

In recent years though, it also came up with other eye-catching fashion statements like the Balenciaga boots.


Hmm… if you notice, the Balenciaga boots is actually a cross between a shoe and a boot. Yet what’s great about it is not just it’s fabulous leather design, but it’s flexibility.. it’s simply suitable on most any, of course, casual wear.

See? Cool, huh?! Ah, by the way, it’s good on males as well. wpid-black-balenciaga-boots-black-spye-x-shicnyc-sweater_400.jpg

The issue, just obviously, would be its price which costs over $1,000..

Oh yes, though there is this item from Urbanog just worth around $45. That’s great then, eh?

So, if you got style – dare to express!


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