Peking Duck (Chinese) on Food Review

For our 9th most delicious food in the world, we bring you Beijing’s pride, the Peking duck.

Hmm… duck, duck, duck. Isn’t it just like chicken or turkey? Obvious difference would only just be their sizes. Well, simple as it seems, how many could actually cook a duck well, huh?

Oh really. The marination. The roasting. The timing. You know. Anyway, here are its ingredients..

The Ingredients...

..5 pound duck, water, scallion, ginger, honey, white vinegar, sherry, and 1.5 tbsp cornstarch dissolved in 3 tbsp water.

Cooking Basics

After cleaning and wiping dry the duck, hang it from its neck and blow dry it (with a fan) for about 4 hours.

Then boil water in a large pan before adding the scallion, ginger, honey, sherry, and vinegar. Again, bring it to boil. Now, put the dissolved cornstarch then stir continuously.


Next, wet the duck all over by pouring the boiling mixture on it for about 10 minutes. Just don’t forget to place the duck in a large strainer (and not actually hold it) before wetting it.

Then, again, hang the duck to thoroughly dry for around 6 hours. Wow! See, timing. When it’s done, place the duck with its breast up inside a preheated oven of 350 degrees. For the drippings, put a pan with some water just beneath the duck.

Now, roast the duck for 30 minutes before turning it over and roasting it again for another 30 minutes. Finally, for 10 more minutes, turn the duck again breast up to roast.


When it’s done, you’re ready to serve – hot. This, you could either cut it, or serve it whole on a platter with the garnishing (scallion), the Mandarin pancakes, and green onions to be dipped in hoisin sauce.

Mouth-watery, eh?! Enjoy!


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