HABU music app on App Review

Music is the international language that we can’t imagine of anyone who doesn’t like even one song. Oh my, that person must really be antisocial to hate music. But for many of us, we even try to make our own playlists of our current and all-time favorites.. and listening to them over and over again.

And so, Gravity Mobile recognized this and came up with the HABU music app.. An application that organizes your music library according to mood which number 25 categories, and about 100 assumed moods.

How does it go about?


First, it is to load your library. Then it’d analyze and differentiate the songs through their emotion tags which would then take the form of yellow-green bubbles.

The size of the bubbles would depend, obviously, on the number of songs in that particular mood category. And to play the songs, simply click on the bubble.. though unfortunately, you couldn’t really select the type of mood you want to play, or even know it until you click that bubble.

Then again, music is the international language where we could all express ourselves, and so through HABU, we could also share and compare our moods at Facebook.


Hmm… it would have been more interesting if not only for that bubble information issue, eh?

In the end, though the app seems too simple, like, it’s just basically about filing.. this app would prove to be significant what with all the information.. and songs we try to store these days.


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