Meteor Garden and F4, then and now

It’s been about 10 years since the Asian youth drama, Meteor Garden, was aired on TV. And for those who have not heard about it, it’s now trying to make its way back on a rerun.

Anyway, what makes this drama special is that this is actually the show that started it all.. in terms of truly putting Asia in the international drama scene that is.

F4 in Meteor Garden

Okay, although Hana Yori Dango of Japan was in fact the basis of Meteor Garden.. with the powerful cast of then rising Taiwanese boy band F4 and adorable screen sweetheart Barbie Xu, t’was this drama that really found its way to the hearts of many Asians, yes, not only that of the country that produced it.

This became an inspiration to many Asian producers trying to export their art.. and culture. And so now we even see the invasion of K-pop, a much bigger explosion of Asian arts.

Barbie Xu

Yet going back to Meteor Garden, could a rerun still be successful in a world always looking for something new? Yes, we understand that films like Spiderman continue to thrive. But hey, Spidey is a film that you only see every couple of years; besides, the story is not a rerun but basically original. So??


Not to mention the difference in gadgets, style and fashion of today and yesterday which many may not dig in.. the drama’s cast no matter how popular then have faltered to maintain their princely status through the years. The handlers of F4 could have at least continued with their kind of music to prolong their relevance. But.. any exciting activity or news lately?

So, it’s tough indeed to be in the entertainment industry if not all cylinders are truly working. As we see it, the drama could only gain some traction through their “old but not tired viewers” and possibly a good number of new ones with better promotions, and if airing is set at a favorable time.


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