Netatmo’s June bracelet on Innovation Watch

While we need the sun for life and its health benefits, too much of it could cause sun burns or premature ageing, and worse.. skin cancer.

And so, in line with skin care, Netatmo actually known for its thermostat and weather monitor came up with a bracelet.. a monitoring bracelet that looks after your sun exposure.


This product called the June bracelet was created by French designer Camille Toupet.. which in fact looks like a gemstone and comes in 3 colors: gold, platinum, and gunmetal.

June basically tells you how much sun you are getting, the SPF number your sunscreen should have, and when you are to wear a hat or otherwise sunglasses, among others. The only issue we see here is that it doesn’t have its own display instead it syncs with an App to give you a “sun watch” summary.


Given the downside, its benefits are still far greater even with a $99 tag price. And hey, it’s already available in the market, and especially beneficial during summer.

Could it be why the bracelet was called June? It’s either just after or near summer around the globe at that time.


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